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Pixel Photonics GmbH

Pixel Photonics GmbH

High-performance, scalable, and low-cost photon detectors are urgently needed for quantum and non-quantum applications such as biomedical imaging, LiDAR, and space-to-ground laser communications, which rely on efficient and fast detection of low-level light down to single photons. Current commercially available detectors are single pixel detectors with limited scalability. Pixel Photonics has developed a unique technology approach with many pixels per module, enabling applications that are not feasible with current solutions, thus enabling the next quantum leap in various optical technologies. At the same time, our technology is open for integration on different photonic platforms. This enables for the first time the integration of quantum computing approaches on a single chip, solving the problem of perspective loss (quantum information).
Our technological advantage is the combination of photonic integrated circuits with superconducting nanowire single photon detectors (SNSPDs), resulting in waveguide integrated (WI) SNSPDs. This approach allows us to create faster, more powerful and broadband detectors with high scalability and integrability, in contrast to traditional meander-shaped SNSPDs. Leveraging photonic integrated circuits, functionality can be implemented on-chip, and our technology can be readily co-integrated with quantum key distribution components, resulting in compact devices with less complexity.


+49 251 980 1243

Heisenbergstraße 11, 48149 Münster, Gievenbeck, Deutschland

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